We Care Because You Care

If you’re looking for dog or cat boarding in Dubai, you can trust us. Our outstanding reputation, integrity and the love for exceeding our customers’ expectations and always maintaining a high standard is what make first-time visitors always come back, becoming regular and loyal guests, and that is what makes us proud!

Our Services


Dog Training

We believe all breeds are different, and having a well-behaved dog is highly important when it comes to interacting with others, going on a walk or simply staying at home.


Pet Grooming

We know you love seeing your dog looking good and feeling great. Our full-service grooming will promote their health and give them good breath, shinier coats and a beautiful smell.


Doggie Daycare

Currently, our busy schedules can sometimes impede us from spending quality time with our pets, who need to socialize and play as a fundamental basis for their good health and behavior


Pet Taxi

If you need transportation for your pet, our safe and friendly pet taxi offers pick-up and dropoff services in vans equipped with air conditioning and fitted cages specifically adapted for pet transportation, assuring maximum safety throughout the trip.