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We believe all breeds are different, and having a well-behaved dog is highly important when it comes to interacting with others, going on a walk or simply staying at home. Our private training sessions with a certified trainer will help tackle any issues your pup may have, adapting to your dog’s breed’s needs and characteristics. Teaching him obedience and solving anxiety, behavioural or aggressiveness issues. If you need dog training in Dubai, we’re here to help you. The joy of a life with the company of a pet shouldn’t be overshadowed by conduct problems that can be perfectly solved in the hands of the right professionals. Our services include:

  • Training evaluation: before starting the training sessions, we will conduct an hour-long evaluation with our trainer in order to observe your dog’s behavior and assess him about the skills you want him to learn.
  • Private training sessions: these are customized for those with specific issues or which require an individualized approach and may not be ready for a group class.

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“I really hate the moment when I need a Hotel for my dogs. My working GSD Coffee is a rookie in Dubai and I needed a Hotel for her for three weeks. I found nice reviews about Churchwood Pet Hotel and took a chance.”

Andrea Pintar

“The best place to board your pets! The place is super clean and spacious and the animals are happy. I boarded my dogs at Churchwoods and had them all trained at the same time! I’ve kept my cats there on numerous occasions and the plus side is the kitties are upstairs with a huge play area well away from the dogs. The rates are better than other places and the facilities and staff are superb. I received daily videos of my pets which were great so I felt totally relaxed without worrying about them!”

Honory Consul for the Republic of Namibia to UAE Marissa Grobler

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