Pet Relocation

If you’re moving abroad and need help with your pet’s relocation, Churchwoods Pet Hotel will help you. We’ll create a customized transport plan, taking care of the corresponding paperwork, vaccination, and veterinary certificates to make sure your pet is qualified to travel to the required destination. Paperwork is not all, of course: your pet’s comfort is our goal. We’ll make sure they have everything they need to minimize discomfort over the journey so they arrive to your hands with a happy face and a waving tail!

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“I boarded my poodle & 4 Frenchies at Churchwoods and had them all trained at the same time! I’ve kept my cats there on numerous occasions and the plus side is the kitties are upstairs with a huge play area well away from the dogs.”
Marissa Grobler
“I really hate the moment when I need a Hotel for my dogs. My working GSD Coffee is a rookie in Dubai and I needed a Hotel for her for three weeks. I found nice reviews about Churchwood Pet Hotel and took a chance.”
Andrea Pintar

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