Doggy Daycare

We understand that busy schedules can leave loving pet owners little time to dedicate to socializing their furry friends. 

Doggy Day Care is more than just a fun time – it is a unique opportunity to let your dog romp and play and socialize while you’re at work or away for the day. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a tired, happy dog at the end of the day.

We offer two styles of Doggy Daycare – traditional group play for well-socialized dogs to spend time with their canine friends and private daycare for dogs who prefer more one-on-one human contact.

Group Daycare

Group Daycare is a unique opportunity to let your dog romp and play  with other dogs who have all been vaccinated, temperament tested and spayed or neutered.

We provide a safe way for your dog to interact and play with others, with consistent direction and correction from our certified staff trained in group dynamics and canine body language.

Your dog can play for hours and then take a nap next to his new best friend.

Private Daycare

Private Daycare is a program designed for dogs who need a place to relax during the day with a more personalized approach.

Each PDC guest will enjoy individual fitness or snuggle sessions one-on-one with our staff members.

Puppy Daycare

There is nothing as heartwarming and fun as watching a group of puppies in play. At Churchwood’s, we know Puppy Playgroup is not only adorable, it is actually a critical component in creating a friendly, well-mannered adult dog. In fact, most of the behavioral problems we see in adult dogs could have been prevented or quickly corrected with proper socialization as a puppy. Your puppy will have fun and gain confidence while working on their canine communication in a safe, upbeat atmosphere filled with lots of new friends!

Getting Enrolled

It’s so easy to enroll your pet! Because we prioritize the safety of each pet, each pet entering play group is required to pass a Socialization Assessment with our trainer. Each dog is evaluated according to their canine communication skills, obedience level, size, energy level, and play style and then assigned to the appropriate group. All dogs (except puppies 3-6 months) are expected to know their basic commands including: down, sit, stay and come and may be required to demonstrate those commands before being considered for daycare