Dog Boarding

For your furry canine kids we offer accommodations to meet every size, shape, and number.

From our cozy den like comforts to our spacious suites  we will find the perfect fit to accommodate teeny tiny, extra large or even multiple dog families. We offer airy indoor rooms and plenty of  space to roam and romp in.

At Churchwood’s we’re confident that at the end of the day after the last bedtime kiss has been given, your dog will sleep like a baby – and you will, too, free of guilt knowing your pet is enjoying the vacation of a lifetime!

Amenities include

  • Climate controlled environment with custom ventilation systems.
  • A range of accommodations to suit your pet and budget, from cozy dens to private suites
  • Low staff-to-guest ratio.
  • Custom activity packages, baths, massages and spa.
  • Filtrated water systems throughout the building.
  • Hand-delivered meals prepared according to your dog’s dietary needs.

Either way, your dog's stay with us will be relaxed, pampered, and comfortable!

Pet N Play Session

These one-on-one play sessions are great for all pets and tailored to your pet’s size, energy level, and play style. Enjoy a game of tag, fetch, or Frisbee  or a snuggle, belly rub, and honey scratch indoors.

Group Play Time

For dogs who just can’t get enough play time with their fellow canines. Our playgroups are matched by size and playstyle and supervised by highly trained  staff members.Photo

Pooches in Pajamas

This all-inclusive pet getaway includes Group Playtime, Gourmet Snacks, twice daily meal service and overnight concierge services! That’s right, your dog will spend all day and all night with his new friends, canine and human alike.